Koh Samui


^ Yep....that place is next to Vikasa which is about 100m closer to Chaweng on the opposite (sea) side to The Big Rock Corner..so less than a few hundred metres from Coral Cove...
There are a lot of roadworks right there atm and some of it involves serious excavation and groundfill... which may well have contributed to this nasty slip

Been solid rain here for the past 4-5 days..a dramatic kick off for wet season with all sorts of weird weather systems out in the gulf off Japan/Philippines etc...I have hardly been out of the house since it started, its been so heavy...Chob was over for a week but cut it a day or so short on Wednesday...a good decision
Hey Nels, have you seen or heard from Deano lately .. ??? - I cant seem to get hold of him.