Kuhio Goes Back In Time


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justcruzing1;395464 said:
^^^^ It's crazy but I can drive for 10-12 hrs and be OK but if I am a passenger after about 30 mins I am nodding off and have to fight to stay awake.

pay a cab to drive you till you drop off then bring you back home and wake you, you will still be drowsy so should get back to sleep in your bed.
Sounds like the start of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. 555 couple of years ago was in a pub in Dublin and got an invite to a house party in a place called Killiney which was about 15 minutes away in south county Dublin. Jumped into a taxi and told the lovely Nigerian driver to bring me to Killiney. Straight away was out like a light and woke up with the taxi driver saying we arrived. Looking around I didn’t recognize anywhere. I looked at the meter and it was over a 100!euro. Asked him where the fcuck we were. He said in his broadest Lagos accent ‘I bring you where you ask, clonee’. Now clonee is in a different fcuckimg county in Meath which is past north county Dublin. I didn’t want to be knifed by the now irritated driver and paid him on the understanding that he drive me to killiney for free. I wasn’t going to miss the party.


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kuhio;395453 said:
I envy you. Asia knocks me out for a good week and a half. I end up waking each day at 3am and barely keeping my eyes open by 5pm. Do you sleep on planes? I can't at all.
Yes I sleep pretty well on planes
Although as I am getting older my body starts to hurt on a long flight
Aches and pains