Medical Insurance for Thailand


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Most of us take out some kind of insurance which covers medical costs while we are on our holidays in Thailand.
But for the longer term visitor or someone on a long term visa/retirement visa what is required and what sort of cover does it provide. I've looked into retirement options and they say you need medical cover. Just interested to see what is needed and the costs involved. Any recommendations?


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^^ Depends where you come from and what pre-existing medical conditions exist,
But in general as long you are a resident from wherever you're from, stick with your own insurance and pay the extra fro international coverage, repatriation, be it through international medical insurance or travel insurance..

When you establish residency in Thailand, ask the expats...


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you can get a one years "traveller's insurance" from your home country to cover you for your first year while you sort out what suits you best Loop said BUPA is one of the popular ones but by using a broker you can often get a better deal and someone who will bat on your side if a big claim needs to be made and the insurance company equivocates