Mexico TR


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Dupree;372766 said:
Cool light I bought in Playa del Carmen
you taking up fortune telling as a retirement plan?....I've got a snow globe of Yosemite that you could use as a crystal ball which I can loan you...555


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Rockitt;372775 said:
Great T/R guys. Brought back many happy memories of my trips to that area. I spent most of my times in the Akumal beach area but I have been told that it has been spoilt by the building of a large ‘Secrets’ resort and the many tour boats seeking out the turtles.
BTW, a great website and forum for that area. A friendly site run by exPats to that area.All Forums | LocoGringo Mayan Riviera Message Boards Forums
We went snorkeling with the sea turtles in Akumal Bay

It was definitely touristy but I wouldn't say way overloaded

And ask Dupree how much I have tourist traps!