Minder is in Bangkok.....is anyone else?


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Mrs M's Dad is in hospital and we have visited him most days. Leaving yesterday evening and exiting the main building the Thai girl in front of me is wearing a green t-shirt covering the back of which in large lettering are just four words:
I need this for the Philippines.........55

Hope the FIL is ok


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I need this for the Philippines.........55

Hope the FIL is ok
FIL has been discharged and is home again. I tend to think of him as an old man but of course he is one year closer to my age than is Mrs M ...555

Your new t-shirt would probably get a bit more of a response in the Philippines alright.

There's no love lost between the RC church and I but I always see these type of t-shirts as a cheap shot.

Would they have the nerve to wear a t-shirt in arabic script similarly defaming the Prophet? I doubt it.
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Speaking of reading signs in foreign script, I have been playing with Google translate this trip.

Open the app, point the camera, and read the sign in (mostly) very well translated English. Awesome 👍

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I find it particularly useful when shopping. Eg: Jo put a pack of miso paste in our trolley without considering what else might be needed ... Google translated the "method" from Japanese and we searched for the required 'stock' ... no have!

It's a great tool. (y)


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You should be impressed as it is acknowledging the important work of your brethren; the managers of roadway infrastructure.


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I've lost track..............are you retired??? :)
Technically, I guess I am unemployed more than anything.
Lost my job here in Queensland (got back yesterday via Singapore) in May of last year.
Decided to take a year off ... Guess I might make that two now...
Will update the Retirement Thread in a day or two...