Nakhon Ratchasima hotel?


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one thing to consider, Centre Point hotels are normally alcohol free ..
Really? I hadn’t noticed but I don’t tend to drink in the hotel. I’ve just checked the room service menu and there is no alcohol listed. Not sure about the restaurant though. I will have a look on my way out tonight.


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Well I just checked at reception and they confirmed that they do not serve alcohol in any of their hotels.
But, you can buy outside from supermarkets and bring into your room or take to the hotel restaurant. How bizarre is that!


How bizarre is that!
I wonder what international guests think of that policy. If they ever get any ....

BYO six pack of beers and bottle of wine into their restaurant? I think one might feel very odd doing that in a 5 star hotel.

Rockitt, your mission is to find out the reason behind this policy. Land and House group of companies is huge and there's no Muslim connection AFAIK.


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The girl at the reception said it’s always been their policy. When she trained for her job this policy was in place. (7 years ago).
The restaurant doesn’t seem busy. Probably because there are plenty of other restaurants attached to the hotel in the Terminal 21.
But to me I didn’t even notice because I rarely drink in the hotels, and never sit in my room drinking.
It’s a nice hotel in good order and the staff are excellent, but I much prefer the smaller down to earth places.IMG_1684.jpeg