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Hi all,
just a quick hello,just joined up , i was a member of another Thai forum (Phuket-info) i believe there are some member on here , iam a somewhat frequent visitor to Thailand - S/E Asia, i will be in BKK in about 3 weeks for a few days before heading across to Cambodia -Phnom Pehn & sihanoukville for a couple weeks, i will answer what i can to help out newcomers to Thailand even if it has been asked numerous times before, as things can and do change regulary. hope to meet some of you when over there.


Welcome and good to see BMs ready to offer up current advice.
What about a small post about PP ? Camb , where you stay , current prices ... Im going there again this year..


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Welcome mate, good crew in here and no Tarzan f/wit to give you a hard time, I think you'll enjoy this place more.