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This is fcuking awesome!

Weird... Each time I click on your link a different video appears ...

First one was girls dancing in leotards.. then girls coming out of a cubical?

Both awesome!


Here's a perfectly normal 2022 headline.

All monkeys accounted for after truck with 100 monkeys crashes.

"a small number of monkeys had escaped from the scene of the incident and gone into the surrounding area. Police warned residents to keep their distance and to call 911 if they spotted one of the loose animals."

Imagine trying to inform the public. "Ok there's no time to explain, but there's a buncha monkeys on the loose..."


Moo Uaon

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Imagine doing that here. They'll lock you up and throw away the key. Not allowed to defend yourself.
The guy got charged with attempted murder for disarming the dude.
Not sure of the outcome but the perp had his arm sown back on.
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Note: I deleted three of my own posts with Reddit videos that automatically start playing. Didn't realise how annoying that is with the sound playing on all of them together.