non residents receiving aussie pension

Moo Uaon

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Distantpeak;219953 said:
Its still self interest. Why can't anyone from anywhere become a tax payer? What say did the Aborigine have when they were invaded? What did their tax payers want? Were the Maori tax payers keen on English settlers? Were the indigenous Africans keen on Dutch and British settlement?

Hey.. I don't disagree that societies need these rules to function... but at least admit it is a morally selfish act... so people should get off their high horses about immigration laws... it's a necessary evil sure... but hardly a moral one...
because it's going to lead to an even less imperfect world,IMO

i loved the place and way i grew up. i'd dearly like my offspring to have the same opportunity.

word is the crime rate in Italy is far worse now than even in the late 70s when the Mafia were in control , immigrants are causing mayhem there picking on other foreigners in particular with armed robberies.

enjoy your new world DP!