Our Ride From CM to Doi Mae Salong

Moo Uaon

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CityNews - The 65th anniversary of the communist victory in China's civil war was celebrated enthusiastically across the country last week, but residents of a village in Chiang Rai province have mixed emotions about the rise of the Asian superpower.

The Forgotten Soldiers of Mae Salong

An interesting and nice to place to visit.


Thanks for pointing me to this thread Rivo. Brilliant read. One serious road trip. Live it.


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Rivo;128712 said:
After we finish our lunch its head north again with our nextstop penciled in as Fang where we will top up with some fuel then carry on to our destination for the overnight stay, which is the famous Doi Mae Salong ( Ive never heard of it either 555 ) Moo informs us will be staying north of Chiang Rai and Mae Salong is a chinese village, the only one in Thailand and is way up in the mountains, famous for growing tea im told.

Here is a few pics from the servo in Fang including an old Chev Monte Carlo which has been resting there for many years, cant help imaging years ago when this car would of been very expensive and impressive on the Thai roads. Old Ozzy Pete was not improving and had a sleep next to the fuel bowser why we had a look around................

Bringing up an old thread here I know, although I found some of the following reading very interesting.....................

Back a month or so ago a mate and myself were exploring the backroads of Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai on our bikes, when we came across the old service station that is pictured above, Rivo being his usual friendly chap road his bike into the above servo which is now closed down, I recognized the place as the Chevy Monte Carlo is still sitting at the front of the place, its all fenced off but there was a gate open where we entered and rode up to the old car. There was a group of Thai men sitting near the now abandoned coffee shop and explained that this is closed, the guy was fine and I explained that we came here over 4 x years ago and I remembered the car. We rode off and didnt think much of it, until I sent the pic of the old car to Norabunga and he said we were at the drug lords service station ?

Doing a bit of google searching I came across the articles from 18 months ago when all this was in court, I couldnt believe the government have taken 2 Billion Baht of assets off the Lao ta Saenlee Family, yes billion, thats over 85 million AUD, here are some of the articles......................



Here is a pic of the old car from a month ago............................


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I guess crime only pays up until the time you get caught. I still think if you made all drugs free then it would all blow over and criminals would need to think of another scam to get their money. Who gives a shit what people do to their own bodies. Let them die happy in a drug induced state.