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PGC;417403 said:
So Arrived At Phuket, Straight through Immigration, leaving the Hoard of Chinese visitors busy filling in their immigration forms.

Booked a Taxi (800Baht) and got my Thai Sim.

Then followed the most bizare Taxi ride I've ever had. The driver had half decent English. well if you count swear words, and proceeded to spill the beans on the Top Family..2 inch Pen1s extension it seems. In Hong kong, seems they do the best work.

Then stories of corruption and finally disbelief of UK laws on sex discrimination.

"So if you say a lady is Beautiful at work what happen"
"well" said I , "It depends how she takes it"
"What happen if you say she Sexy....In Thailand she enjoy"
"probably get a warning"

"You mean you cannot give Ass a good squeeze"

Err No.....

Fukin Stupid country Angrit........I kind of had to agree.
When I hit a bangers cab , first thing, when I sit down in the front passenger seat is take a photo of the driver's ID, then switch to google maps and follow the route to see if the guy wants to go "shortcuts" straighten them up a whole lot. especially when you got a fluent thai speaker with you and you're big size. I hate Bangers it's a shithole.