Phnom Penh for 1 night


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justcruzing1;396129 said:
^^Paulie just make sure you don't leave your passport where she can have a look and see you have not been where you say you were.
I will tell her I was in Cambodia
That's not an issue at all
I planned on going last time
She has no interest so it's a good opportunity to do that before I get to Thailand
She knows I want to go to other places besides Thailand

I set up my surprise perceftly
She bought a new iPhone in Vancouver and I told her a friend happened to be getting to Thailand on the 15th
And she could meet them at their hotel

The only issue is she is a control freak and doesn't like to be spontaneous
She also likes going to the beauty before
So she will definitely be a bit frazzled when I call her and then she has to pack for 9 days