Quarantine in Thailand


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Stay up to date with the Thailand Pass changes as they occur to save you any nail-biting prior to departure. Thaiger has several sections devoted to the issues as well as News updates like this > https://thethaiger.com/talk/topic/7...hailand-pass-and-some-rumours/#comment-103808

That SYD airport test is a good thing, especially with mooted changes to the 72hr window. May not be long before other hub airports offer a similar service.
Sure go on Thaiger so you can read 300 threads on miserable c*nts whining about everything

Instead of doing what Nomad has done, and just do it and not whine about the process

I think Nomad is wise to do it his way 5555


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Thanks for the link. I expect I will lodge everything next week, and then let it sit for a while. No use sweating changes till closer to the flight. Singapore is 48 hours now, and I will be transiting, so that will be my requirement. I can't see PCR tests moving to anything shorter than 48 hours although doable in an hour at Melbourne and Sydney airports. However, a rapid test (i.e. in addition) on the day may become a thing, although false positives would be a challenge.
I did a rapid test the day of my flight to US last week

But it was for business and if the test came back positive I would not be out any money

But if it were a personal trip I/you would be stuck with the cost if we couldn't fly