Question about the new visa regulations as of Aug 14


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Without getting into all that I had a simple question.

I plan on showing up on a 30 day stamp and then either taking a bus or flying (if necessary) out of the country for a day or two to properly acquire a normal tourist visa.

Is this still possible? When they say no more "visa runs" I think they are just talking about the lazy c*unts who abuse the free 30 day stamp thing over and over not the people who leave to obtain proper visas and pay for them right?

I have not been issued a tourist visa in over a year btw.



I would come on a 30 day stamp then extend locally for another 30 days, THEN go out and get a tourist visa from a nearby Consulate (e.g. Penang). Pretty sure they'll only give you a single entry visa (60 day), but you should be able to extend that by 30 days once you're here.

Whilst I know you can technically do that, I haven't personally done it so can't say if there are any other requirements when extending (e.g. onward ticket, proof of funds etc).


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Cambodia...PP...was doling out 2 x 60 day visas recently I was told...with in country extensions you can get half a year out of that