Red Curry(lazy, using pre-made paste)


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I have perfected this over the 4 years I've known Noi, she doesn't cook southern food as she from Ubon Ratchathani, I hope you people find it to your likings.

Thai red curry

750 g. chicken thigh or beef blade/shin/brisket
also pork neck can be used
4 tbsps. of Mae Ploy red curry paste
5 golden shallots
6 red scud chillies (optional)
2 tbsps. chopped coriander roots
2 slices galangal
1 stoke lemongrass
6 kaffir lime leaves
2 pcs cassia bark
4 cardamom pods
juice of 1 lime
fish sauce
palm sugar
coconut cream (A-roy brand)
half bunch of chopped coriander leaves

In a thick based saucepan fry the chopped shallots, galangal, lime leaves, cassia bark, chopped lemongrass and curry paste.
Cook till shallots are sweated off and add coconut cream(the white cream only not the clear liquid.Add the clear liquid later on).
Break the coconut cream and then add the meat, fry it up until the meat has been sealed off.
Add the coconut liquid,lime juice and some water washing out the tin using the tin for a cup thin out the sauce and simmer until meat is tender(beef takes 2 hrs+).
Add fish sauce(4tbsps.) and palm sugar(70g) to harmonize the flavour to your liking(they are only guide sizes given) and add chopped coriander leaves to finish the top of the dish. Serve on a plate of al dente jasmine rice.


Copy write Noi and Damon Alagich. use only for recreational purposes!