Road trip from Kuala Lumpur


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I had to go to Bangkok with my colleague on the 6th-9th February. So i decided to do a road trip instead of flying.

We started the journey from Kuala Lumpur on the 5th, 1st day of Chinese New Year. 5am start and the traffic was clear. Got to the border at 10am after a quick breakfast stop.

Did not expect so many cars at the border, took me 3 hours to clear.

So off we went, 1st stop was Krabi town just for 1 night. Arrived at around 5pm, really tired by then. Had dinner and slept.

Woke up 4am to continue the journey to Bangkok. Arrived Bang Na at 230pm. 2 stops for diesel and breakfast and lunch. After refuelling Thai diesel, the Hilux started to scream !! I felt the difference in power and engine sound. Of course Thai diesel is so much more expensive. 26 Baht if I remember correctly. In Malaysia it's only MYR 2.18/litre. Cant really do a conversion, as the Baht is so strong at the moment.

So yesterday we went to my Partner's office at Bang Na. Parked the car at his office, I aint going to drive in Bangkok. Meeting and early dinner.

I have 2 more days in Bangkok before me and my colleague drive to Hua Hin for a few nights, then off to Khao Lak for a few days, then back to Kuala Lumpur next Saturday.

Here are a few photos, will post more later.

Gong xi fa chai !!!


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Gday Johnny, you will die or boredom in Khao Lak. Best hop on down and see us in Phuket.


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briofoz;396513 said:
Gday Johnny, you will die or boredom in Khao Lak. Best hop on down and see us in Phuket.
Good morning, ooh noo Khao Lak is that boring? Ok will have to change plans then.


Nautilus! Your photo is very attention grabbing toward Bangkok because is a huge visiting point for visitors. You came back a long trip here. I think you will most long time spend with colleague but please tell me which is the most attractive point there? I hope you will guide me right.