Samui in July - Picking a Hotel in Lamai



supersub;362648 said:
I stayed at Lamai Wanta a few years ago and the rooms were fine. Didn't have any complaints overall. Rooms were within walking distance to the action but set back far enough to get a good nights sleep. Close to the beach.
Thanks, Supersub. Much appreciated. I went ahead and booked it a few minutes ago. I think Wanta ticks all the boxes. Now I just have to wait for the time to pass between now and July. 555


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MarcTwoSix;362646 said:
I was in Dupree's room at Weekender
I found them very dark and a bit musty smelling
I was wondering where I stayed...55 The rooms were dated. But i thought the pool and bar and beach area were great. My room was right near the pool. And location in the middle of the strip.


Stillearly;362645 said:
Lamai Inn 99 , I found the rooms very dated and moved as soon as I could
Weekender , wasn't that impressed with the cheaper rooms , the showers were in the bath and a bit of a climb into , slippery and dangerous , especially at stupid o'clock ...

Think I may try the Wanta next trip
I loved the rooms on the beach... really big bathrooms... really big rooms too.. two beds! And a balcony.... only thing was security as anyone could walk from the beach into the room...