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^ JC do you remember a Surfer Girl who used to get around the Surf comps and Night clubs on the Gold Coast ' Margret Dupree' ?


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Tingtong;364157 said:
^ I lived in Kingscliff 80/81 and remember a lot of the houses in Fingal and Chindera were built on Stilts / Poles because of the flooding . Didnt think about it much at the time ...I spent most of my Waking hours Surfing and chasing chicks 55555 Great place back then , wish I had some money and a Brain and could have bought some Real estate, but back then my little head did all of the thinking 555
Kingscliff was small and considered ..out of town.. but... we used to go down there for the Sunday Arvo sessions at the Pub, always good live bands.
i would regularly have 7 or 8 of us jammed in my Falcon. (Mostly girls )
The Sunday would comprise brunch at the Coolangatta pub, then over to the lunch band session at the Tweed Hotel, live band, down to Kingscliff at 3pm for the Sunday session and band then back to the Tweed Hotel for the night session.

That was if we didn't have a big band on at the Jetclub...I'd have to work the night shift

Tingtong;364158 said:
^ JC do you remember a Surfer Girl who used to get around the Surf comps and Night clubs on the Gold Coast ' Margret Dupree' ?
Mate I don't remember the name but doesn't mean I didn't meet her, or know her :)

I have no idea of most of the girls names back then.

I ran 2 real estate offices with over 800 rentals and worked as bouncer in the top night clubs and pubs.....Jet Club..Tweed Hotel.. The Patch.. The Playroom.. Penthouse in both Surfers and Coolangatta. etc

If they were good looking and willing I obliged 5555

Ian Forbes

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justcruzing1;364151 said:
I know a lot of people do swim in the still water of the river but I wouldn't there have been many Bull Sharks caught off the bank there.

I think there was an attack there about 5 years ago.

Same goes for all the rivers on the Gold Coast and canals, Bull Sharks are a real problem.

I can't remember where I read about it but a group were surveying the top end of the Brisbane river and were using special equipment they stopped counting the Bull Sharks at 1,200.
Sharks have to eat to, yah know. 555 Swimmers are like snack food.

Ian Forbes

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I'm always amused at men who think the Thai lady they are "sponsoring", and who they met in a bar, is going to remain true and faithful. There is a lot of truth to the old tale... "You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the girl."

And, why would they? I see nothing wrong with helping lady friends, who work in bars, with a little extra cash. They usually need it more than we do. I don't see anything wrong with "sharing" a nice lady. You are getting something and she is getting something. Hell, I encourage them to find a nice guy to settle down with... if they can find one. That is what most of them are looking for. Sometimes it works, but more often it doesn't. Nothing wrong with that.

What man in a western society worries about how many lovers their wife had when she was single for 15 years before they got married?


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MarcTwoSix;363664 said:
I was always puzzled people would look at MTB cam so much

I never looked at it once.

I can see looking at cams to see how the weather is

But to watch a bunch of people drink at a bar halfway around the world was bizarre to me
I was glued to it before my first trip. I was at my desk anyways. One time I called a coworker over to show him where I was going. We were both looking at it when one of the customers came up behind a server and had both breasts in his hands. We both yelled Whoa!! 55


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Is there anything about Samui Webcams on this thread? I seem to have entered the twilight zone

Ian Forbes

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Hatari;364196 said:
Is there anything about Samui Webcams on this thread? I seem to have entered the twilight zone
This is the message I got when I clicked on their site, followed by a bunch of black rectangles with various locations listed.......

Welcome To Samui Webcam's Temporary Cam Streaming Page

We're very sorry but that pack of wankers over at youtube decided to remove all our cameras with no warning and no explanation.

We lodged an appeal with them over 10 days ago but no response or even an acknowledgment. So, screw them, we're in the process of building our own platform.

Please bear with us, we will eventually add all our cameras to this page over the next few days. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Our email address is: