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My view is that rule changes are inevitable, so not a big consideration, and they are much more likely to get easier than harder. I just don't particularly want to go to the effort and then find that everything is pretty much on its knees and a depressing environment.
We are planning for late April/May

And I fully expect it to still be relatively quiet if not very quiet

Fine by me, if I can have beers at a place while I eat
That's good enough for me......

Moo Uaon

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Yes, Boy Blues Bar. The whole night makket is closed right now, or at least it was last I heard. Though there are quite a few other music venues in Chiang Mai.
I like BBB... everything about it.. the vibe, location and the people that get there seem to be decent folk and haven't really connected with much else musically in CM.

ps; the blues festival in Phuket was great but only once a year.