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The UK marriage visa or UK spouse visa Thailand permits Thai spouses to enter and stay in UK. But this is only honored if the individual they are married to is already settling and living in Britain. Through the years, researches have shown an increase in spousal migration. Spousal sponsorship has become a rampant practice due to the strong demand for social integration.

Basic requirements of a UK visa for a Thai spouse

  • Interracial couples who have been together for less than four (4) years can acquire a marriage visa. Yet, this visa is on a probationary status for two (2) years. Once you and your Thai spouse surpass the two-year (2) probationary period, permanent residency or the indefinite leave to remain is granted.
  • If you have been living together outside the UK for at least four (4) years, you simply need to pass the Life in the UK exam to acquire permanent residency. Here, obtaining a UK visa for your Thai wife or husband does not require you to go through the two-year probationary period.
  • Similar to the UK fiance/fiancee visa, a UK spouse visa for a Thai national also requires a personal meeting between the couples.
  • Also, a UK marriage visa is granted only to those who have intentions of living together permanently. Those who intend to use marriage as a cover-up for working in the UK will be penalized.
  • There should be enough accommodation for the Thai spouse. The same requirement applies to all dependents, if there is any.
  • Prior to entering the UK, an entry clearance should be obtained first by the Thai spouse.
  • If the applicant has a visa that is still valid for more or less six (6) months, changing it to a spouse visa is not allowed.
  • Dependents, or to be more specific, those who are less than 18 years old can gain entry to the UK together with the main applicant.
  • In order to obtain a UK visa for your Thai spouse, you must prove that you have sufficient funds to support not only your partner, but also your dependent, if there is any. You must convince the authorities that you would not rely on public funding to finance all your expenses.
  • UK citizenship can be granted after three (3) years, provided all requirements are fulfilled.
What will happen if the couple divorces?

Incompatibility issues and cultural differences are two of the most common reasons behind marriage breakdowns. In case this situation occurs while you are on the two-year probationary period, you should report it immediately to the UK Border Agency (UKBA) by submitting a formal letter, but this does not guarantee the cancellation of your partner’s permission to stay. The decision is still within UKBA’s discretion. The UKBA may also utilize the information you provided to evaluate whether your partner can stay in the UK.

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This should be updated to now state that there is a minimum earnings income level of £18500 before they will even consider a spouses visa.
If youre disabled the income level doesnt count.