Time to return to LOS


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I stayed at the Pullman there in Dec '19, which is right in the thick of it. Group of the usual bars focused on westerners, along with a Thai Disco that gets going after midnight. A very cheap night out compared to Phuket and Bangkok.
Yes... I spent a few evenings in My Bar and a couple of others by Pullman when we were here previously.
As you say, a lot cheaper.


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Sooo... the 2012 Mazda 2 we bought new needs to go in for a service.
I would normally do it myself in NZ but over here I take it to one of the local 'mechanics' and support the community.
Oil & filter, coolant change as that is probably due and get him to do front and rear pads while he has it.
All for about a 1/4 of the price you would pay in NZ.

I go pick it up late in the afternoon, give him a handful of cash and accept his offer of a glass of Lao Kao. It is really like a very yuk home brewed spirit with little flavour.
We chat and I politely decline a second.


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Forgot to mention... we had a BBQ at Howard and Noi's one night.

We stopped at Makro on the way and I bought some steak. Vacuum packed fancy branded Thai beef. 690 for under a kilo.
Quite a letdown in flavour and texture.

Worth a try though, it looked good. Nicely marbled but nah.