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This is an amended Thread for those looking into getting a Tourist Visa for your Thai GF to come to Australia. I have just copied and pasted (with some minor editing) the important info from my previous thread (at the request of others 555) so that it is much easy to read about.

Any help would be great so I can word up the GF(she takes forever to do anything 555). She has land in Udon, her own MB and already has a Passport (but never been used). What other things do I and She need? Would it be a good idea to get someone to write a letter to say she will have a job when she returns?

Do not mention she works/worked in a bar as it will be seen as a threat to visa will not be given, Massage Girls are also looked down upon (even if a Traditional massage parlor) as a general rule if in the Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya and other Tourist areas.
Photos of both of you will be essential to prove you are known to her.

I know from earlier posts you are keeping phone records that will be useful
Show money in her account helps so it can be seen she can leave under her own steam
Go to the Australian Immigration site ( there you will be able to DL the form.... I found that Stat Decs were the key... 1 was from me stating that I would support her during her stay and I would organize medical insurance and obviously give her a place to stay... but the important thing that they want to see is that YOU will give assurance that she will adhere to her visa requirements and not overstay her visa.... I didn't have a lot of funds in the bank at the time so I also got my folks to also sign a Stat Dec stating that if required they would give financial support

You will be glad to know that Australia has a online application process........just not for Thailand!!

I guess they have to stop those people that used to get TG's down here to work in the brothels and what not. Too bad the people of the past have ruined it for the people who are legit now. Oh well I had every intention of being in BKK to do it all, just want to be prepared before I go

What they will be looking at is how strong her ties back to Thailand are. Children, elderly parents that she can show she supports.

Get a stat dec, signed off by a JP or better, a solicitor if you have one. Can get them to sign one at the local courthouse. Much more impressive than just a JP.

Also write a covering letter (letter of Invitation).
Paperwork of land ownership if it’s in her name is gold for the TV shows a commitment to return to Thailand which from what I have read is the immigrations biggest fear

The land side of things won't be a deal breaker if you can tick most of the other boxes.
My Mrs owns land but has changed her Thai name, twice. The paperwork may not be proof positive.

Evidence that you can support her is vital. Bank statements, Proof of employment etc.
Phone contact records go a long way too. I remember I only had one photo of us together when I went for the tourist visa.

The form you need is 48R or 48R THA if you want it in both English and Thai
If you were to hand the paperwork in the Embassy in Bangkok could take 5 days to a week or so. If you were to send it via courier would take longer. I believe if you were to send it from Phuket could take 2 - 3 weeks

They prefer hard copies of everything..... A method you can transfer money to your GF is using a Travelex Cash Passport card. You apply online at their website and send the card to your GF. You can get online with your travelex card and print off the history of where the money has been used... keep in mind they have seen so many people like you and me fill out the applications, so they have pretty well seen every possible way of sending money.

On a tourist Visa could my GF study? I understand she may not be able to do much do to only being here for 3 months at a time, but could she do a Tafe Short Course, a language course etc?

Yes to this... I just think the bigger Tafe courses will charge a fortune for an international student... you can find smaller courses run by local councils short and cheap

Wanna just add a small point here....if you mention on a TV that your TG will be in a class of some kind it does complicate the visa a little as she will have to have medical checks done......I am working on memory here so could be wrong but worth checking
Just a quick question re TV.

If it says Single Entry for 3 months, valid for 6 months from date of issue, does that mean she has to have finished the trip in the 6 months or just started the trip.
Usually means within 6 months of the issue date... you must start the 3 month trip...
Got another question, when applying for the TV it says you need 6 months of account details.

No you don’t have to supply any of her bank accounts as it’s you that will be supporting her

They like to see an amount in your account, enough to support her for the 3 months... A stat dec from you and your folks should be sufficient, but on my last application they rang me and asked to send a copy of my bank account

I also photocopied my Credit cards and gave the balances available which at the time was about 30K, because I may savings account was looking a bit sick at the time
Sorry, yet another couple questions. Anyone know how I can print record/history off Skype? Is it even possible? I have not physically put money into and made calls to Mobiles phone or anything, just used it Skype to Skype

Also I plan on getting Travel/Medicare Insurance for her when she is here. Should I book and pay for that before I go or just provide a quote and state if she is approved I will take out this cover?

Look on this link 5th post down - Export call history? - Skype Community
Photos together are great and required to prove the relationship As long as there are no bars and it shows the 2 of you together

I didn't and haven't ever mentioned My TGF’s child in any application.... It's not a good reason to return as most Thai kids are raised by their Grandparents....

Hmmm My lady has a child but wasn’t included in the Visa app as part of the reason to return, also re: photos in bars, i did include some but said as she works during the day i did have many photos during day light hours so most were of us out and about at nighttime restaurants bars etc having fun !

To be honest i think it was the stat dec and letter from employer that carried most of the weight
Just say that she does not work and lives with family.
This is so common, it seems honest to the processors.

I said that she was looking for work, staying at a friend’s room, looking for work, and I wanted to bring her here before she found a job, and then couldn't take time off.

Quick question, re the Stat Dec. If you were going to do a TV in LOS, would you complete the Stat Dec here in Australia prior to going so it is signed by a JP who you know and who knows you ? Just hypothetical question of course 555

I would mate

From what I am told a TV doesn't require a face to face Interview, I would think a Spouse visa and Fiancée Visa would require one, and then I am not sure if it is for both people in the relationship or just the TG wanting to enter Australia.

For the questions on the Visa App how should I answer them?
3. Do you intend to enter Australia on more than one occasion? Yes or No, I guess if things go well I would like her to come back but if things don't then i have no idea. So how do I answer it
19. Is it likely you will be travelling from Australia to a neighboring country? Yes or No We are flying from BKK to Singapore, then on to Melbourne, so it is before she arrives so would I answer No?

Throughout the Application it asked what my relationship to her is. Just want to confirm I should say i am her Boyfriend? Or is that not a good idea?

Sorry for all the questions guys but one more thing. Do I bring a money order from Australia to pay for the Visa or get Noy to make one when I get there, or even just pay cash or CC at VFS?

Q3 Answer is No you’re not looking for a multiple entry.
Q19 Answer is No

Yes you can put that you are her boyfriend.

Do you have to have a return Airfare booked if you are going to bring TG to Oz, or can you get the return ticket later?

I have never have bought a return for my TGF...... have to wait for the specials to pop up.

If you are travelling with your TGF it should not be a problem, but if you are not travelling with her it would be beneficial but not exactly a must do.

Just called Australian Immigration and talked to a lady from Melbourne and asked her about the Return Airfare ticket. She seems to think this would only be beneficial for the Visa Application itself as it shows another reason for her to not overstay after the Visa has expired. I asked if it will affect her entering Australia through immigration and she said she has not heard of it happening before but would not hurt to have the stat decs and letter of employment (for her) on me when going through as if they ask the question I can supply these things as well as explain the reason behind not purchasing the return ticket prior to leaving Thailand. She also said to me that they would not turn around and send her home due to not having a return ticket booked.

To conclude after hearing this I feel it should be fine for her to enter Australia but could be a good idea to buy the return ticket to have with the Visa Application as extra security.

Handed it in today, went very smoothly and was waited 10 seconds before my number was called. VFS is in a big building Just of Surasak Station in Bangkok. It’s on the 34th floor of a massive building and you get in, sign in and get a number. They have a photocopier and can take photos on site. I had to use the copier a good few times as Noy needed copies of documents (3B a copy).
Cost was 3250B for the Application, 600B for VFS and 60B for SMS service. Now just have to wait

it is 3 month calendar stay.... with a 14 day buffer zone, meaning that if you accidently go over your 3mth stay and are within the 14 day period there will be no penalty but a 'please explain' might be asked at immigration on the way out.... It will also have no effect on any future applications!



• Your TGF will need her passport and Birth certificate
• She will need to provide proof of her assets e.g. Motorbike, land, house etc, this is good way to show she has reason to go home after the visa.
• Her Tabien Baan book (Tabien baan: yellow or blue Thai house book) is required
• as well as her ID and one Passport sized Photo.
• If she is employed she will need a letter (in English) from her employer stating how long she has worked, what her role was, a contact number and address and it is VERY Beneficial if it says she will have the job waiting for her when she returns from the Visa.


• Copy of emails, phone records, sms (if they can be extracted from phone), Skype, MSN records
• Photos (Not in Bar)
• Money Transfers (if any)
• Bank Account details and 6 months worth of statements
• Letter of employment from your work
• Stat Dec
• Letter of Invitation
• Copy of Passport
• Copy of Stamps in passport (can be helpful in proving relationship and time spent together)
• Health Insurance quote (not a must)
• Filled in Visa Papers if your TGF is unable to fill in.


VFS in Bangkok (Australia Visa Information - Thailand -) handed-in in person. Cost is 3250Baht plus fee of 600Baht to VFS – cheapest and quickest option IMO

Can a TV be lodged in Phuket in person ?
es there is an office in Phuket... I'm sure JC used it... It's just a drop off point, so will take a little longer than going toBKK, There is an acredited courier company with offices in Phuket, and Pattaya, They charge a fee for this and to deliver it to Bkk, and return. You then have to go back to pickup your gear, or pay to have it delivered

Here is a link to a couriers Service. I used them as well and very efficient!
Phuket Universal Services (Phuket Transport)


I wrote a letter of invitation, and got a stat dec to say that i would provide for her while she is here.
I photocopied a bank statement and also pages of my passport showing times in Thailand. I did exaggerate a little about how long I knew her but I had passport stamps to say I was in Phuket them times.

To whom it may concern:

Re visa application for: XXX
ID Card.

My name is XXX
Australian PP number: XXX
Address: xxxxx

I am xx years of age. I am currently employed by Company name as a Job title. My salary is approximately A$xxx per year. I have been employed by my current employer since May xxxx

I write in support of the above application for a visitor’s visa. I am currently developing a relationship with her name and she will be under my care and control whilst she is in Australia.

I would like to have Her name come to Australia to meet my family and friends. Also while we are in Australia we plan to do some sight seeing.

I met Her name sometime ago. To date I have spent a total of approximately 26 days with her over 3 trips to Thailand. I have been providing financial support to her since January 2011. I am very keen for her to meet my family and experience the Australian way of life.

I undertake to provide all expenses and provide full lodging for her whilst she is in Australia. Furthermore I will ensure that she does not engage in employment activities while in Australia and departs prior to the expiration of her visa. You can contact me on +61 xxxxxxxxx should you have any questions in regards to this application.

I have included some background information about myself and our relationship as listed below:

1. A statement of my bank account (my salary is paid into this account every month.)
2. A copy of my salary pay slip .
2. Copies of the relevant pages of my Australian passport containing Thai entry stamps.
3. A list of SMSs showing contact with xxxxx since some time ago.
5. Telephone statement showing contact with xxxxx
6. Six photographs showing us together in Thailand with her family including her daughter

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Yours faithfully


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Just about to started this possess for the first time. I am back in LOS 12th April and was hoping to Bring her back with me on the 26th April.

My question is can I lodge the application in Australia or should I do it in Bangkok when I arrive in April.

My other question is I did employ a lot of Filipino guys and my immigration agent has quoted me $1000 to do the app for me. Would I be better off getting him to do it or is the hole thing reasonable easy.

Last question in January I sold my business so currently unemployed and will be for some time. By choice. I do have a healthy bank account will the unemployment affect my app?


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Ozzyguy you can do the app yourself ! Its not that hard and there are plenty of guys on here including myself that can help you through it ! $1000 is a total rip off for something that is not that hard !
You can lodge it in Bkk when you get there ! Normal turn around is around 5 days even though they say up to 14 days.
Unemployment won't effect you as you have money in the bank !


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Ozzy do it yourself and keep your money. It's not rocket science and there is all the info you need on here.

You not working won't matter, I was "retired" (stopped working for a year) when I did Jeabs, just need to show you have money to cover her expenses while here, important to say you are arranging health insurance thu xxxx co once the visa is approved.

The application is done by the girl and will need to be in BKK. You can fill it out to help her but it is she, not you making the App. You are giving a letter of invitation or sponsor and showing support of your relationship, photo's etc.

You need her to get some stuff, documents, of hers, a passport, extract of her birth etc.

My stuff is out of date now but lots of the BM's will help you, PM you info and examples of what to do.


OZZYGUY;136906 said:
Just about to started this possess for the first time. I am back in LOS 12th April and was hoping to Bring her back with me on the 26th April.

My question is can I lodge the application in Australia or should I do it in Bangkok when I arrive in April.

My other question is I did employ a lot of Filipino guys and my immigration agent has quoted me $1000 to do the app for me. Would I be better off getting him to do it or is the hole thing reasonable easy.

Last question in January I sold my business so currently unemployed and will be for some time. By choice. I do have a healthy bank account will the unemployment affect my app?
Do it in BKK when you get there, it is really straight forward, just make sure you bring your payslips/current renumeration/Imm forms, and the GF has all the paperwork required. As for the Imm your money, he is trying to rip you off BIG time....


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Can someone tell me can I email forms to TG get her to sign and scan email back.

Will scan copy's be ok or need originals.

Arliss Michaels

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OZZYGUY;136953 said:
Can someone tell me can I email forms to TG get her to sign and scan email back.

Will scan copy's be ok or need originals.
Need to be originals. Any copies, like your passport need to be certified.

What you need to do, is start the process, find out what doc's she has and get her to arrange to collect those that she needs. Remember it is Thai and can take time to get.

Fill out the forms for her, you need her names as shown on her birth doc's or passport. Address has to be the same on both her ID card and passport, both these have to go in with the application.

Write your letter to the embassy and have your signature witnessed by a JP or solicitor, can be found at your local court house for free.

Get copies of your bank statements, 3 months?? and have them certified at the same time. Not just a JP's signature, it has to say "This is a true and correct copy signed by xxxxx JP/solicitor".

Sort out some photo's of the 2 of you, preferably not in a bar. I had them on the computer, so put them onto a couple of pages and then colour printed so as not to be sending loads of individual photo's.

Do a cover letter, introducing yourself and your girl, itemize what you have supplied.

I would be inclined to get the app submitted before you go over, then if there is a question or problem you have time to address it. Getting there, lodging a day or two later and hoping to both fly out in 10-12 days could come unstuck. Just me:)


JFYI... mate just applied for a visa last week and he saved over $300AUD by paying for the visa over the phone (here in Oz) as opposed to fronting up to the VFS with a fist full of satangs....
It pays to keep an eye on the exchange rate as well as the current visa fees page on the Australian embassy page in Thailand as they both change as much as each other. Charges Jan14.pdf


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Yes you can lodge in CM, my mate Pete did last month and his TG is here now, lodged on a Monday and ready to pickup Wednesday the following week, I thought maybe a delay with the trouble in Bangkok but no problem.


Now the important question Ozzyguy... having read your TR... which one of the dozen girls are you bringing back? ...555


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Chiang mai works well as I arrive late on the 12 April.

TG wont be with me in CM but if I get her to post all her Doc's to a friend of mine in CM and take my doc,s with me I will summit all in CM on the 13th.

Dont seam that hard.