Twice cooked pork belly


Twice cooked pork belly was inspired by 2 stunning meals I had nearly 20 years apart and despite finding similar complex recipes I literally dreamed this one up at 3am ... yep, wide awake and thinking about food!


500g piece of lean pork belly - skin scored like this

1 x star anise
3 bay leaves
2 Tblsp light soy
2 Tsp salt
>>> and for the marinade
light soy
honey or palm sugar

Step 1:-
a./To a large covered pot, add sufficient water to cover and allow for evaporation, salt, soy, star anise, and bay leaves.
b./Boil (rapid boil, not simmer) the whole belly piece for 1.5 hrs, or until a bamboo skewer slides easily thru the thickest part.
c./Remove from pot and allow to cool.

[Broth may be used to cook root vegetables, and later as a soup on its own or as a base - after chilling and skimming off fat]

Step 2:-
a./ Finely grate 1 - 2 teaspoons of fresh ginger, chop equal amount of garlic and mix with a Tblsp of light soy and Tsp of honey or palm sugar.
b./ With very sharp knife, slice pork belly into 10mm thick slices and spread on a tray or plate. Spoon marinade all over the meat and allow to sit until ready to cook.

Step 3:- Preheat grill and cook pork slices on wire rack with tray to catch juices - adjust height so that the meat heats without burning and juices caramelise.
Turn slices to brown both sides - about 7 minutes each side.
Serve immediately.

[Alternate 2nd cooking method: brown on a medium hot bbq plate, turning frequently. If for a party, pre-cut slices into cubes for easy turning/serving.]


Distantpeak;51974 said:
Got me salivating... dad always uses Pork belly for his delicious Pork Pies...
A favoured cut for most Asian cuisines, belly is used in curries, thin-sliced in stir-fry, or whole crispy pork.

It is important to select good quality meat, easy enough here in CM or any region with a large Chinese population. Sow/female pig meat is preferred. It's a lighter coloured pink meat and tastier than boar. This is what to look for >

I don't often go out specifically to buy pork. I usually buy only when I see top quality sow meat. In Aus, supermarkets normally sell boar, sow meat having gone to caterers, Asian butcher shops or exported. Boar meat looks like this >

Twice cooked pork belly looks like this and will be tender, juicy and ever so tasty >



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Ohhhh i like this new section and only hope i have time to contribute to it......mentioned before i have got rght into cooking thia food over the last 2 years....coming from a background o f scambled eggs at best.....i can now say i am chef addicted much so my kids even brought me a set of quality knifes for chrissy..

Everything i have cooked i have taken photos off...posted some in another thread, but will try to add the reciepe like you have Kap......also always looking for new reciepes to try so i hope you can add more .... lovin it


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I am having it for sunday lunch, yummmmmmmmmmm poooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! the other white meat!