Vietnam Suggestions ?

Ian Forbes

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I get a whole bunch of passport photos done before leaving Canada. I take them of myself with different shirts on, and get them printed at a local shop. It sure has saved me a lot of time and bother when applying for passports and travel visas. Being bald with a white beard, I haven't changed visually in 15 years.

As I have mentioned before, I have a good friend who has pretty much given up on Thailand. He spends 8 months of the year in Asia, and most of it now in Vietnam... somewhere out of Saigon. I think Brad said it was Vung Tau. He bought a 150 Yamaha scooter and leaves it there with friends. He rents a very nice apartment for a similar or better price than he can get in Thailand. He said the Vietnamese do not speed on the highways like the Thais do and the little scooter is more than adequate.

Because I have to go out of the country every 60 days when I live in Thailand, I think I might visit Brad this coming winter instead of him coming to see me. I've done the Meisai - Tatchik run dozens of times over the past 18 years and it gets a bit boring after a while. I need to see something new.


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kaptainrob;372015 said:
Did you order a pick-up car via Orient?

This trip's coming up fast now.

Yep transfers are included in our package.

And yes it wont be long until we are in Vietnam *90*


^ Does anyone refer to it as Saigon anymore?

Not sure if I'm the only one who loves that name or not. It conjures so much mystery.


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Yes...many still do. Name change politically driven, yet a long time ago, so possibly more amongst older and southern (I think) cohort.