Visa price hike


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Ian Forbes;225126 said:
But, they are all one and the same. I worked for bureaucracy for over 40 years before retiring. I know how they work. The same can be said for most unions today. And, most certainly all organized religions... pick one. All are self serving.
Yes I agree, bureaucracy feeds on itself justification. Just imagine a Government or NGO that came up with the perfect solution..... why would they? If they did then there wouldn't be anymore need for them.

Our own Peter Dunne MP is the epitomy of a Bureaucrat. Peter Done Nothing other than come up with more and more ways to tax and complicate our lives with new ways to make people and business 'comply' with new Reguations.


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quiksilva;225135 said:
How's it all going?
Yeah good man, we just applied for permanent resident about a month ago. Just waiting to hear back.. Hopefully it's all good.
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