What are you eating ?


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Here's one for Paulie. Some good belly laughs here. God I miss Jon Stewart. Greatest of all time.

I mean that is me in here 555

A) I've been to every single one of the places, all very good, John's on Bleecker the best

B) I've argued with the pizza place across the street from me because they stack the pizza
It makes no sense!

Oh and C)
I try not to fuxk with Albanians
They own a lot of the steakhouses now in Manhattan
Bad hombres.......


You remember this....

I will stiff your mouth with rice cakes and stuff you in a locker

Ahhhh.......just like the old days 5555
Stiff my mouth now.... 55

Must admit I never saw the appeal of food pictures...

But I don't mind talking about the effects of food on the body... 😋


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You're right! He should be banned from this thread. Or start posting what he eats.
If this thread was a bunch of parents posting pics of their kids and some perv with no kids was constantly commenting, they'd be kicked out

The same applies here
Hey ho, Quarkys got to go! 😀