What are you eating ?


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At my sisters, helping to do some lighting installations, mostly English fair though we did have chili con carny last night, but it was so mild. B in L always has a red wine open; unfortunately for me they watch a lot of TV like roadshows for auctions, pottery competitions and cookery, yawn did have some snooker though.


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Carp? The lake in my hometown in New York State was the most polluted lake in the country. Back in the 60s we used to watch the the old black guys fish for carp and eat them. Carp were the only fish that could survive the pollution.
Guess thats why you see a lot of the in China


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Tonight I'm making mashed spuds for the MIL.
She loves them.

I'm going to coarsely chop some garlic, fry it and stir it through.

Doing chicken, Capsicums, onions and ginger in oyster, soy and a little fish sauce to go with it.

This is a bit like going to a hi-so restaurant for her without spending the money.