What are you eating ?


not as a tea on its own but I like it as an ingredient in food...matcha ice cream was once a fave...
That sounds pretty good actually.

I'm just buying the tea bags at the moment, but I want to get a proper set with the bowl and bamboo whisk and make it from the proper powder. Might look up some recipes and see what else you can do with it. I can imagine the bitter complementing sweets.

Apparently they cover up the plants a few days or weeks before harvest. Light deprivation causes them to develop more of whatever the green stuff is that's responsible for photosynthesis, and that increases the antioxidant levels and caffeine and gives it that deeper, richer green colour.


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The pier at Koh Lanta is buzzing!

Boats going to all over many islands
Phi Phi
Koh Lipe
Ao Nang
Among others

And they aren't exactly the most organized 55555

Good system with the colored stickers
But after you get that sticker you are basically on your own. 😀



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My "old man cowboy hat"

I forgot to take my baseball cap
So bought this on my snorkel trip

I actually like it
But feel like an old man wearing it 5555



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I honestly don't understand how this Thai lady learned to cook Mexican so well

Everyone's order at other tables looked amazing as well

I would eat there every night for a week if I could

Got the Birria tacos last night
They were amazing and toasted perfectly