What is your work situation?


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I'm super stoked.

Yesterday I had this young fella, super nice respectful kid but only 22 years old. On his skills test he failed but only just. He had on his CV he worked at this Fred in a shed repair set up for 4 years so a bit under experienced.

I told him he needs to gain a few more years experience if he wants to work in Australia.

Then he tells me he started working after school in his dads garage sine he was 12 years old and shows me his YouTube channel. This kid with very limited equipment was doing some awesome work.

So I called a guy I know and asked if he would give the kid a go and If so I would give him a very experienced guy to help mentor the kid..............bang the kids getting a chance and he is going to Australia.

Then tonight his mum shows up at the hotel to thank me. Apparently his dad died and as the oldest kid he needs to support the family. the mum was in tears.

To be honest I got a bit emotional, he never mentioned about his dad and this will be life changing for his family.
Good on ya mate!


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We are bringing over 50 donated backpacks for Ao's old elementary school
So I decided I need to bring a big bag, so will throw my PC box in there, buy a monitor and set up for a few days at Ao's new house as a test run to see how it goes

Really should be no difference than when I do it in Boston