What Was The Reason That First Took You To Thailand



We Scots are a very generous race...just get bad publicity,

I would also take an asian girl over a Scottish girl any day... Feminine Mystique


My first trip to LOS was in 2008 with 2nd wife and was for a cheap luxurious tourist experience in a tropical clime. It did not disappoint. Have since been back 5 times (twice with 3rd wife) and have begun to enjoy the p4p excitements available. It is now the highlight of each year!


This is an old thread but still worthy of a comment.

I separated from my then, wife 8 years ago and within 3 - 4 Months I jumped on the net and booked a ticket to BKK, then took a taxi to Pattaya, and never looked back since.

Thailand is simply a great place to visit.

Ian Forbes

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Thanks for digging up an old thread, Scottie, and welcome to the forum. My experience with Thailand pretty much matches yours and I've been coming for the past 20 years. Before I retired in March, 2002, I would visit Thailand and surrounding countries for a month at a time, but once I was retired I stayed for 4 or 5 months over the winter. Now, Thailand is like a second home and I leave a motorbike and other stuff there when I come back to Canada.