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Thread: My Experience at Suvarnabhumi Airport

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    My Experience at Suvarnabhumi Airport

    I just wanted to share this as I was so unhappy with how myself and Noy were treated at the Airport. As soon as we had gotten through customs we were walking down the Duty free shopping area and everyone was just "So Excited" to be at work. It was like we had left Thailand already and people were automatically not caring about you or anything but themselves any more. I understand that that floods had hit Bangkok very bad and people were not going to be very happy about that fact but if they were professional enough they could separate their work life from their personal lives.

    They call this "The Airport of Smiles".... I did not see one smile from a Thai person. I walked into Kings Gifts (or whatever the shop is called) and brought 2 neck pillows. I went to pay by my CC and had to sign my name. They had 2 pieces of paper on top of each other (Carbon Copy) I touched it and the paper separated.. The Lady serving me released an all mightly "SIGH!!!" to show how unimpressed she was. As I was trying to line the paper up she snatched it from me, I replyed "Sorry for being such a hussle" which in return she could see I was not impressed. I signed and off i went.

    We then went to get some food, Everywhere was sold out of most thing (I understand this because of the floods) but all the staff were so rude about the whole thing. "SIGH!! No we not hab", Not Hab, Not Hab. "Not good shop for you go another shop".... Wow that was the first time I was sent away from buying something in Thailand. The Girl just did not care (you could tell she was on a wage and not a Commission). We finally found a place that had food, It was a Thai Restaurant, which I don't remember seeing in the past as I was saying early they need a Thai Restaurant in the Thai Airport.. We had to seat ourselves as the girl at the front of the shop was too busy biting her nails... Once we finally got a menu and made our mind up on what we wanted to order we had to try and get someones attention. In the end another Aussie told one of the staff we wanted assistance. As the Thai Man took out order he turned around to the staff at the bar and started to talk to them (may I had Noy was half way through ordering) Everyone was just so rude the whole time we were there and you could hear the comments of others who were also very unhappy with how they were treated. At least the food was very tasty. Lets say we did nto leave a tip for the Staff at thuis Restaurant.

    The final straw was when I went to get a drinkon my own, Noy was sitting playing her Angry Birds so I just went to the Black Canyon Coffee shop and orders a Chocolate Frappe(In English). The 3 girls started to talk to themselves in Thai and I caught on to what they were say... "Stupit Fat Farang Not need to eat, hahaha"(laughing to themselves). The laughing did not last long as i told started to talk to them in Thai using some very bad words i have learnt over the time. Not a word was said after that and the look on their faces was priceless. I walked directly across to the shop Opposite them brought a drink and gave them one last "death-look" and walked back to Noy to tell her what happened. She laughed so much and was proud in me 555.

    Any one else had a bad experience here? I have not experienced anything like this in Thailand before

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    I stood in that King of Gifts shop waiting to be served once while the 3 staff members talked amongst themselves... I was the one giving the sighs...
    Eventually 1 came over and I asked him the price and asked if he could take it out of the pack for me... he sighed... as soon as he got it out of the pack and went to pass it to me I told him I had changed my mind and walked off....

    You should of said to the girls "Didn't I see you in Patpong last night with a ping pong ball"

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatongBeachBoy View Post
    You should of said to the girls "Didn't I see you in Patpong last night with a ping pong ball"
    Unfortunatly mt Anger got the better of me and I could not think opn the spot, I have thought of so many things I could have said since then, But what I said did the job.

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    Suprised to read this mate. Never had any problems myself at the airport.

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    I was in the Tops food store at Central Festival the other day. I was looking for some deli stuff and couldn't see any staff about to ask a question. It was only when I peered over the counter that I saw 2 girls slunk down low on the floor on their haunches with one doing her nails whilst the other one was behind her plaiting her hair and holding up a mirror for her yo see the progress. They both gave me a cheeky grin and held fingers up to their lips to plead the international sign of co-conspirators 555

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