I'll probably cruise south during my next trip in dec,jan.

I am aware of the climate differences between east coast and west coast.

I have experienced both coasts that time of year. Several times on east coast.. cloud,wind, rain some of the time. Twice on the West coast (Phuket ), both times clear skies and gentle breezes but only there for a few days. Maybe I was lucky.

The weather charts say samui has its wettest month in november, dropping off to the dryest in feb, so dec may sometimes be a late wet or else an early dry .

For phuket the charts are similar but without that very high peak in november, and so less chance of dec being a late wet.

So the west coast would be a safer bet for december. Maybe samui in jan. Haven't been to samui since 1978, so I expect a few changes 555.

There is apparently a bit of a scene along the coast between huahin and pranburi. I might drop in. I lived in prachuap khirikhan for a couple of years.99,00. hung out at Ao Manao beautiful..great family beach but no scene.... Oh well..such is life.

Any comments on east vs west (coast that is ) would be appreciated.


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