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Thread: Minivans

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    from an article in yesterday's Bangkok Post
    Minivans Can Be Major Danger[/SIZE]

    Minivans seem to be the best solution to get around Bangkok, with a large number of vehicles and routes to inner Bangkok, its suburban areas and other regional destinations.

    But whether to take a minivan is becoming a big question - it can be a mistake to travel in an illegally operated vehicle.

    • About 5000 legally operated inter-city minivans
    • About 5400 for 128 routes thoughout the city and greater Bangkok region

    Ensure the minivan you use is legally registered as a public vehicle
    Must have a YELLOW number plate with first two numbers (out of six) between 10 and 19
    Must display YELLOW plates- if white or blue - illegal, they are for private vehicles

    Always keep your ticket with you, or else write down the vehicle number, licence plate, route and time of travel. Thiswill help if an accident occurs.

    If injured in an accident while in an illegal vehicle, unlikely you have any cover for medical or compensation

    Once you have a yellow-plate minivan . . . no more than 15 people (14 plus driver)
    Speed limit is 80km/h for highways and 60km/h for city routes

    'But it's common to see these minivans running at 140km/h on highways' Foundation for Consumers' spokesperson Sawanee said. She said minivans are often packed like sardines and exceed the legal limit for passengers. A single minivan sometimes carries as many as 25 passengers, she said

    Report a reckless driver: call 158 for domestic routes, 1193 for inter-city

    Minivan services are limited to 300km. Always check your destination before getting into a minivan; eg if you're traveling Bangkok - Phitsanulok, Chaiyaphum, Roi Et - find another method of transport or you'll be in an illegal minivan.
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    We've all seen them on major inter-city highways, tail-gating, speeding and reckless over-taking. I seldom have another vehicle pass us on our regular 900km run across Isaan, other than minivans packed full of pax and with 2 LPG cylinders under the rear seat! Safer in the back (tray) of a pick-up, IMO. 555

    Ubon Ratchathani to BKK @ 600Bt marginally dearer than a coach but infinitely more dangerous!
    Cheers, Rob.
    LBFM lives matter!

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    Confirmed dangerous.
    Had a small accident near Sa Kaoe early January.
    The bloke was driving safely which probably saved my life.

    After we caught a van a few years back I promised to only catch buses.

    Van is the only option to Patts though from were I was

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    I know I am repeating myself
    but do not ever travel in these deathtraps.

    On Phuket they are consistently driven in what can only be described as a maniacal manner.
    Reckless, speeding and overtaking on blind corners is normal for them and as for when it rains???
    I often sit behind them at lights and see the bald tyres on the rear wheels.

    Do not use them for any travel, you are better to not go to Thailand.
    I can't believe people are stupid enough to allow a driver to take crazy risks with their lives.

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    I got rear ended by a minivan in Patong just before christmas. The first thing the driver said to me was "Do you have insurance", turns out he didn't and he wanted me to claim my damage on my own insurance. Nice try now get your hand in your pocket and pay me. He was rushing to pick up passengers at Laguna who obviously wouldn't be insured in the case of an accident.

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    At ten years old, worn-out I'd say, for a commercial transport vehicle they'd have plenty of kms by then

    1,800 Bangkok vans to be banned from road
    September 14, 2018

    About 1,800 vans will have to stop taking passengers at the end of this month after being registered for more than 10 years, a transport committee said.

    The committee headed by Col Sombat Thanyawan, deputy commander of the Second Cavalry Division, held a meeting on Thursday and reaffirmed its decision to have operators stop using 10-year-old vans.

    The van operators have called on the committee to be lenient and extend the limit to 15 years. But the committee decided that after a decade, a van becomes dangerous for passengers, Sombat said.

    He said 1,800 out of 6,000 vans in Bangkok must be decommissioned and violators will face a fine of Bt50,000 to Bt200,000.
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    Don't even get me started on those silver vans in Thailand. On every single long ride I've taken in Thailand (anything over 300 KM) I have had near misses with those vans coming at me in my lane, and in a group while passing on corners. I've learned my lesson and never go around any blind corner on a highway at high speed, and I always try to leave myself an escape route. The few times I've hit the pavement was because of vans forcing me off the road. I still have the scars to show for it.

    I'm quite sure there are many safe van drivers, but the huge number of dangerous ones make it bad for everyone.

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