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Thread: Does your pilot have only one arm?

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    Does your pilot have only one arm?

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    I mentioned this to Mrs C.
    She is happy to be paid much more than these "Airline pilots", but not so sure about flying in one of their planes.

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    An armless incident.
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    Cheers, Rob.
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    ^^^ it would have being no yoke though if the plane had of nose dived in to the runway .... no yoke at all mate !!
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    When they find the black box flight recorder it says the pilot's arm fell off and jammed the throttle so they nose dived into the runway. Meanwhile the audio says "Co pilot: "You one armed freak..! I always knew it would end like this! "Ever since I married your bearded midget sister in return for those free flying lessons you gave me...! Godammit man I should have told the Boss you needed glasses that time you nearly missed the runway and told them it was because of fog...! Argggh. We're going in....yeaaaahhhhhh.!....sssssssssssssssssssssssss

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