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Thread: Kanair suddenly suspends flights

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    Kanair suddenly suspends flights

    Kanair operates 3 aircraft from it's Chiang Mai hub with scheduled flights to Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani, Hua Hin, Mae Hong Son, U Taupo and elsewhere. Some charter and weekly services are operated by their 6 seat Beechcraft whilst daily services employ a Cessna 12 seater and an ATR 72-500 66 seater.

    Kanair has been operating for 6 years and is on the verge of expansion to other tourist destinations. At least one A320 was being sought and a move to Don Muang (as hub) being considered for new Phuket and gulf island operations. Kanair's owners are building an airport on Koh Phangan although progress has stalled whilst offshore finance is sought for completion. There may also be environmental issues at stake.

    Kanair's website uses a popular booking algorithm with promo flights from Chiang Mai to Ubon Ratchathani (2 hrs) offered at 950 thb. Saturday's flight was cancelled 2 days in advance with 'maintenance issues' cited. Pax were offered a refund or re-booking with another operator which is in line with Company policy. Then on Saturday, the following weeks flights were cancelled with only a refund offered.

    Today Sunday, and Kanair Facebook page has been suspended plus all flights thru to mid December appear as N/A.

    One has to wonder if there is really a 'maintenance issue' or something more sinister. Kanair had been advertising for experienced ATR 72 pilots in the last month so perhaps a pilot shortage? Cessna routes appear unaffected.

    I hope Kanair can survive this hiccup as they have proven a reliable and efficient operator for the most part.
    Cheers, Rob.
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    the CM>HH service was a handy one.
    that old prop engined,12 seater was like their flagship. the one i associate with them.
    financial difficulties wouldn't surprise.
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